Hiding video on our blackberry as been a major problem of the phone majorly because of its battery but with these eight steps tutorial  the problem is finally solved. Hide your music from friend , family ,love ones etc. and enjoy the fullest of your BLACKBERRY BATTERY. From Menu, Scroll to "Applications", then "Files" App.
2. Select "File folders", then "Media card" (If the video you want to hide is on your Memory Card)
3. Select "Blackberry"
4. Select "videos"

5. Scroll to the Video you want to hide
6. Press the "Menu" button on your BB
7. Scroll to "Properties" and select it, "Tick" the "hidden" box by selecting it
8. Then Click OK.

That's all.
If you check the videos in your Media folder, you will not see the hidden video right there.
Now, you can give out your BB to your friends without having to worry if they will scroll through your secret videos or not.

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