How to block website on computer

With computers so common in every homes, everyone is on-line most especially as a result of social networking ,it ,makes it harder and harder to keep track on what children are doing or may be viewing online. But with this simple tutorial you’ll be taught how to block website on your network
 To make the purpose of this tutorial a fulfilment the follow steps must be followed strictly
 Step1. Open command prompt from start button and type “ipconfig” without quote and hit ENTER key on your keyboard, then scroll up until you find DEFAULT GATEWAY ADDRESS

Step2. Copy your default gateweay address and past into your browser bar ,you may need to enter your login information and if you haven’t setup password before you can check the buttom of your router for the login information
 Step3. In the router configuration page,look for safety/block site tab

Step4. Enter keyword or complete url for your router to be blocked from from your network or to block from certain computer.
Finally,Restart your router when you’re done to effect changes because some router don’t restart automatically

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