How to Enable Password Manager on PC Opera-Mini

In my previous post I posted on how to enable JavaScript on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and today I’ll be posting on how to enable password manager in Opera Mini.
Opera-mini password manager helps to keep all the password of the entire visited website that requires the entries of username and password. In this tutorial I’ll be using the screenshot of the Opera-mini (12.1) on my pc.

Now, how to enable Opera-mini password manager.
Step1. Launch your Opera-mini icon from your desktop and click on the drop down menu on Google icon where "Search with Google" was written.

Step2.  And click on "Manage Search Engine".

Step3. Click on the forms button and tick "Enable Password Manager"

Step4.  To view the entire password that Opera-Mini Password Manager has saved click on Password Manager.

NOTE: Do not make your pc a commercial one else your account might be hacked!!!

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