How to Record Your Desktop Screen without Any Software.

Almost everybody believes in audio virtual means of communication as one of the best way to disseminate information and more so one of the best way to drive traffic to your blog or website but many people were unable to carry out proper video/record of what they have in mind because of inability to purchase most of the software used in covering or recording the screen of your desktop due to limitation placed on trial version. And it’s quite believed that with video tutorial one can easily learn without much or any difficulties.
In today's tutorial i am going to share with you the simple way to record the screen of your desktop without stresses with simple browser online tool or plugin which also possess all the features that suit user need such as HQ, Fast Speed, and Upload to YouTube, Screen shots and many more.
Now follow the steps below to record the screen of your desktop without any software.

1 Visit ScreenCast-O-Matic website
2. Click on start recording as shown below
3. It may ask to run Java Applet, then click run this time or install the plugin
4. A frame will be displayed which you can resize and drag to the area you want to record.
5. Click on the red button to start recording your desktop screen.
Isn't that great?

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