Top 5 Android Applications for Bloggers

As mobile phone become necessary for everyday life so also is blogging growing fast in the world of technology to the extent that some are even blogging using their mobile phone, in the recent survey countless number of people have more than one phone. And generally Android is the bone of all smartphone, one main reason for its popularity is its availability to use hug numbers of Application in Google play which will itemise below.

1. URL Shortener: This application helps Android phone user to shorten the web url, so instead of search for online site to shorten your url you can just make use of this application.
2. Tumblr : This a place where you meet people or let me say creative people in the world simply mean it's a chatting application where you can share idea with people around the world.
3. Web rank SEO: With this application on android you can do series of SEO calculation of any website and also analys about Alexa rank, Google page rank etc.
4. Blogger: This application is pretty cool and in fact it's a nice one for bloggers, it contains almost all the basic but it’s somehow time consuming.
5. Google Analytics: Without Google analytic you can't judge the popularity of any blog so some programs like Google analytics are need to measure the popularity of any blog. Though there are many service providers but Google analytic is the topmost among them and with this application you can find the blog post that generates more traffics.
With such application it sometimes makes blogging easier.

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