Whatsapp Application Mesenger update brings Holo UI to Android.

Whatsapp is a popular chatting application like other chatting application such Ebuddy,2go etc. but in the case of whatsapp it makes it easier for those that can't afford a Blackberry phone to go along with instant message even when their phone is minimized.
The popular instant message has gone a long way to redesign Holo UI on Android to make it more fun for Android users. Though the former version was a little bit Ok with a slight revision of the iOS app, the current update takes advantage of the new Holo UI guidelines for Android.
Right off the bat you'll see that the menu on top is now flat in line with the new UI guidelines. Drop into conversation and you'll be able to find a new flat message bubbles and a redesigned text input field. Also the position of the emoticon has also changed from where it was to down position and placed next to the text field which makes them easier to access on smartphone with large displays and also the settings menu was also redesigned. But it was quite unfortunately that the new version of the app is not yet available through the play store but you can download it directly from there official website or you can as well update directly from your device and maintain all your current data and i believe with this update the application should be available for everyday use.

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