Why do You Need Mobile Version of Your Blog?

The question now is how do you view your blog on mobile? Is your blog mobile oriented? If the answer to both question is no, then you’re missing out some blog readers, page viewers and lot of comments even bookmarks...Why and how do you missed out some viewers if your blog is not mobile oriented, because mobile internet users increases every day. More and more people are searching the web on their mobile phone more than people using pc or laptop.
There is better chance of getting reader more often from mobile internet users since the rate at which people uses internet on their phone increases every day when compare to pc users.
You might just be asking that what are the real benefits of optimizing your blog for mobile device, and then some of them are:
*Better user experience: This brings about constant visitor to your blog on mobile when your blog offers great user experience which can lead to bookmark.
*More traffic or more page viewers: It's quite understood that website or blog that is not appearing properly on mobile turn off their visitors gradually.
We've been talking about the usefulness of blog been properly view on mobile, now to know that your mobile is mobile friendly it must meet up with the following criteria
-Easy to scroll in both direction (Vertical & Horizontal)
-Proper displayed of icons
-Normal graphic design to enhance proper loading.
How do you prove to yourself that your blog is mobile friendly? As a blogger you need to check your blog on mobile yourself and made amendment where necessary before your readers corrects you, though, it’s not a bad idea for readers to ship in some idea since no knowledge is lost.
Wordpress users do often find it easier to make their blog more mobile friendly than blogger because of some available a plugin made available by wordpress for their users.
1.Wordpress Mobile Pack: This is a complete kit that make your blog more mobile friendly which it features include "a switcher that allows user to choose which presentation to make use, analytic, interface that enable Admin to access admin panel while using mobile phone and many more.
2. Mobify: Is a platform or plugin as you may call it that enable blogs adapt mobile device.
I'll encourage blogger to try these plugins and see how their blog will become more friendly user and experience more traffic than before so that they will have a wider reach. Make your blog a friendly user today.