Aternative to Google reader?

Google publicly announced that the service Google reader will finally be discontinued worldwide by July 1st. Although this new left many users unhappy and don't know what to do, but to this extreme i have taken my time to gather information on the best alternative means to Google reader to provide people who like to receive your daily update via news feeds. Though Google was not the initial owner of this service and then it was called FUSION which was then restricted to some location and as at that time to make use of this service you must have a copy of the software on your computer using web interface. This service which was part of Google lab after 2005 received constant improvements being optimized for search engine and other relevant service of the company until the company fully.
The purpose of this article is to share with you the alternative means to Google reader and below are some of the alternative to Google reader.

i. Feedly : This an extension/plugin of Google Chrome browser which is also made available for some phone such as Android and Apple phones

ii. NetVibes : This is also a good reader and RSS aggregator that is similar to Google reader that works online.

iii. Flipboard  : This service is mainly for Android and iOS and display RSS content in the form of newspaper or magazine. This service is not available for desktop computer but the experience is awesome.

Besides the three aforementioned Google reader alternatives, there are hundreds of browser extension/plugin and tips web-wires that can help. Also Google had done a great job to popularize it latest social network and finally discontinue the promote Google reader G+.
Hope this article will help you to find alternative to Google reader even when it is finally discontinue?