Blackberry Z10 Get it First Update with Great Features.

Some weeks back a new Blackberry version was release which skyrocket everywhere with it great feature and Blackberry has done it again with the latest update of the smartphone. The features are:
1. Camera. The update reportedly improves photos in low-light conditions; something that many noted was an issue with the Z10.
2. Battery life. BlackBerry says that 60 battery optimizations are implemented in the software update so “heavy users especially should see a longer average usage per charge cycle
3. The browser has been tweaked to improve how BlackBerry 10 handles video playback. BlackBerry has also issued improvements to the phone, calendar and contacts apps as well as features fixes for Gmail calendars and user interface improvements for call logging in BlackBerry Hub, the operating system's central messaging system. BlackBerry has also made it easier to import contacts from online sources, a glaring hole in the initial release.
4. Video playback in the browser is improved
5. Third-party application performance. I don’t find that many third-party apps run slow on the BlackBerry Z10, but this is still welcome news. The bigger issue in my opinion is a lack of top-tier software titles. BlackBerry says WhatsApp Messenger will join the platform this month.
Isn't these are great features on the new Blackberry Z10?

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