How to Access Google Calendar on IPhone.

Sunrise is sometimes good for Google Calendar users that are hunting for mobile calendar application that is more reliable and better than the default application that comes with iphone.
Though sunrise calendar was release not quite long but after a few weeks of having experience it, it’s a must application on almost iphone for iphone users and at the same time sunrise added a new feature which enable user to sign in through Google instead of Facebook.
When the application is launch, you get an infinite feed with Google Calendar and Facebook events.
Although sunrise was initially launched as an email newsletter but the team later decided by upgrading it with all various calendars you have, whether from Google,
 LinkedIn or Facebook and later make it an application that user can easily go back to throughout the day to make do with checking on their upcoming events, schedules and as well as appointments.
If you are an iPhone user and you have not gotten this application, kindly rush down to Google store to download it now.Visit sunrise today to download the application to your iphone

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