How to Back-Up and Restore iPhone data on computer.

Backing up your data on your iPhone is as important as keeping you data safe. In backing up your data on iPhone, it takes two methods which are, either:
i. On Computer
ii. On iPhone
 iCloud is a storage that gives Apple, iOS  devices and Mac users the ability to synchronize between multiple devices.

How to Back up Your iPhone data

To successfully back up you iPhone device on your computer strictly follow the steps below

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes, and then an option will be displayed on either to back-up your data to your computer or iCloud

NOTE: iCloud only backup important things while backing up to your computer backup almost everything on your device.

2. Since we're backing up our iPhone on computer then select computer from the option that displayed

3. You can as well select both backup method at the same time through iTunes under the summary tab of you device.

NOTE: Run back-up manually by right clicking on your device and then click on backup tab.
How to restore your iPhone backup from computer.

Once you have a backup of any data you can easily restored it back since backup is a duplicate of the original data which would be made useful when the original data get corrupted. To restore your iPhone data follow the steps below

1: Connect your iPhone to your computer (where you have the backup data)

2: Start your iTunes and select restore from backup.

3: Select latest backup and restore your backup.

After this, you can disconnect your iDevice from your computer and your data are restored.

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