How to Backup iPhone 5 SMS to Computer

Image credit goes to Backuptrans
Many a times your iPhone SMS box often full and you don’t want to delete them because they are important, then what do you do?

The only solution is to back-up your SMS messages and is not even advisable to back-up your SMS on iPhone in case of damaging or loss of your iPhone. As a result this, I’ve taken my time to find solution to the problem, in this article I’ll share with you how to back-up your iPhone without stress.

Step1: Download and install BACKUPTRANS APP to your computer

Step2: Run the app and connect your iPhone 5 to the computer via USB cable. Then the software find the device connected and show it on the device list.

Step3:  Back up your iPhone 5 SMS to computer
   i. Click on your iPhone in the device list
   ii. Turn to top toolbar and hit "Backup to Local Database" button.
Step4: Backup your iPhone 5 SMS with single contact to computer
    i. Click the contact you wanted to backup under the device
    ii. Turn to top toolbar and click "Backup SMS to Local Database" button

 Step5: Select a database to save your messages
Click on new database for your iPhone and then enter the name of the database. Click confirm to continue
Step6: Backup Successful
After clicking confirm in the above to continue, then your iPhone back up is successful
Note: Before you run the software, please make sure you have installed iTunes 10.7 or above on your computer and turned off "iCloud Backup" on your iPhone. Also, you need to enter correct passcode on iPhone if your iPhone is protected with a passcode.

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