How to Backup Lastpass Passwords on 1Password.

Lastpass is a password manager that makes web browser easier and more secure while 1Password is a password manager that goes beyond simple password storage by integrating directly with web browser to automatically log you into websites, enter credit card information, fill registration forms and easy generate strong password.
To back-up your lastpass passwords, follow the simple method below.

1. Go to Lastpass password and click on Advance and then click on export in the Lasspass menu (You can use safari browser plugin)
2. When you are asked what type of file to export, choose "LASSPASS CSV FILE" depending on your settings. If you were ask to LOGIN, kindly do so and choose your save location, preferably desktop.

Now you have successfully saved your Lasspass password on your desktop and the next thing is to import it to 1Password.
Though different procedure might be used for different license version but I'll share with you how to back-up Lasspass Password on 1Password version 3.
Step1: Launch 1Password app and set up a brand new data file (i.e. empty).
Step2: On the app menu click on File and proceed to click on "IMPORT" and you will be taken to where to choose your file format, then choose CSV or DELIMITED TEXT.
Step3: Click on continue button to move to the next step and leave the character encoding to default (UTF-8) and choose file. Then select the file you saved on the desktop and hit start import.
 Step4: The next screen won't be normal and some changes need to be made in the next step.

 Step5: Click on the drop down menu in the "DELIMITER CHARACTER" and change it to "COMMA".

Step6: And finally hit the continue button and let 1Password do the rest. And you are done.

NOTE: The method can be used to migrate from Lastpass to 1Password and after successful back-up, dispose the LassPass CSV file on your desktop for security reasons.