How to Boot From CD or USB on Windows

Booting on Windows have an option at start-up which says "BOOT FROM CD or USB" and this is often called the boot option that allow users to either boot from CD or USB depending on the one you wanted to boot from.
If you are installing a new operating system or troubleshooting your PC, you'll either boot from CD or USB.
Normally, when you start-up a PC its' boot from the system internal drive where your operating system is/are installed (Windows, OS X or Linux).But sometimes you need to really boot from something else when you want to reinstall your windows or troubleshooting to solve certain problem on your PC.
To successfully boot from CD or USB some steps are required
1. Restart you PC either by pressing the power on BUTTON or by restarting it from the start-up menu in the DESKTOP
2: After the FIRST SCREEN pop-up, press “F12” to choose boot OPTION/DEVICE
3: After some seconds/minutes, a pop-up MENU with a list of choice on it will be display.
4: Then move your pointer to your desired option (either CD or USB) using either your MOUSE or ARROW KEY and press on the ENTER key.
NOTE: Every Windows PC is quite different but once you are able to find yourself on the SYSTEM BOOT MENU, you should be able to find what you are looking for to solve the per-assumed problem.

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