How to Create Customized DVD from Video Files.

The best DVD creator is 4Videosoft DVD creator which can be used to create customized DVD disc. 4Videosoft can accept all video formats as the input files. With 4Videosoft you can create a customized DVD menu, audio tract and subtitle it at the same time.
In order to successfully create customized DVD from Video files, follow the steps below.

1. Download and install 4Videosoft DVD Creator following the installation instructions. Then the following interface will display.

2. Click on Add Video Files from the button or click File(s) to add video or Folder

3. This is where you'll start customising your DVD VIDEO,  Click the edit button to optimize the video before burning to DVD.
NOTE: You can trim, crop, watermark video and change video effect.

4. Click the arrows or click EDIT MENU BUTTON to choose the menu template. After opening the edit menu interface, select menu template that suit your need and also choose frame, button, and text (Title, Colour, and Size) from your preference.
5. After the above step, next is to CHOOSE SUBTITLE AND AUDIO TRACK. Click the subtitle or Audio track button to choose the subtitle and audio track you want from the output DVD. Adjusting the volume, latency, encoder, bitrate and channel audio track is very easy.
6. Click preference button to open the preferences windows for you to reset the preference for the DVD output
7. And finally, click on the burn button on the right bottom of the main page interface to start burning your customized DVD