How to Create Invisible Folder.

Hiding your folder or making your folder invisible is more or less the same since any file can be hidden from the folder.
In this article i we share with you how to create an invisible folder on your Pc/Laptop/Desktop computer with stress free and it works on almost all the operating system such window7,vista, window xp and even on the latest window 8.
Step1. Create a normal folder on your desktop (Right click and move your mouse to new and click Folder on the next sub-menu displayed).
Step2.Rightclick on the folder and click on properties tab and a new window will pop-up.

Step3: Click on customize button or tab

Step4: Click on change icon

Step5: In the pop-up page a lot of icon will displayed and when you scroll to left hand side you'll observe an empty space between the icons, then click on the icon and click ok then apply and click the final ok.

Now to finally make the folder invisible follow the steps below

i. Right click on the folder and rename the folder and hold Alt key then type "0160"  while renaming and leave the Alt key an the folder name will disappear
ii. This is like a note; make sure the NUMBER LOCK KEY is on when pressing "0160"
Then you are done!!!
With this trick you can save important file on your desktop.

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