How to Create a Recovery Flash Drive for Windows 8.

If windows 7 had a problem, the problem can be resolved either by troubleshooting or by inserting windows 7 CD and run the recovery tools but most windows 8 don't have installation CD.
Now, to the main tutorial, "How to create a recovery flash drive for Windows 8"
Step1: Get a flash drive with minimum space of 256MB,then plug it to your Windows 8 and make sure its empty (Nothing is inside the flash drive) because all the spaces are needed for your Windows 8 recovery files
Step2: Go to start screen and "TYPE" create a recovery drive. Click on the settings option in the right hand side and choose the recovery drive option in the search results.
Step3: Just go through the recovery drive wizard and if your computer came with manufacturer pre-installed, then there will be an option "Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the drive".
Step4: Then in the option menu choose flash drive and click on create.
NOTE: To free up more space, delete recovery partition if prompted
Now you are done with creating recovery partition on your Windows 8.
NOTE: If you bought a Windows 8 PC, delete the space-logging recovery partition that came within but if you have a regular partition you can leave it but if the SSD is small then delete the space-logging recovery partition.
Conclusion: Now if in case you encounter any problem on your Windows 8, you can insert your drive and boot from the drive to recover your data.

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