How to Customize Google Chrome Background.

If you need the best teacher in WORLD you can take Google for that because Google provide almost answer to all questions.
I'm very sure that if Google search is your browser start page you we want to spice up the look of your browser especially adding image to it most especially if Google Chrome is your favorite browser. How about to spice thing a little by adding background or your own image?
How to get started
Step1: Launch your Google Chrome browser application.

Step2 Download add Custom Google Background extension to your browser

Step3: Click on ADD TO CHROME on the upper right hand pane of your browser to download the extension or plugin.
Step4: After the above step, permission will be requested to Add "Custom Google" Background? The click on Add and after the app will start checking.
Step5: After successful checking, the next page will be page to setting your image either from your PC or by URL
Note: You can upload multiple images
Step6: After uploading, you can as well personalize your Google search page; choose whether to hide certain elements from the page such as "Feeling Luck button” Google logo etc.
And after that you’re done and good to go by just viewing your browser start up page when launch.
Hope this tutorial will help you to beautify your Google Chrome background?