How to Find Window 8 Update Notification

One of the great disadvantages of the new window 8 start screen and desktop setup is that the notification icon no longer shown or displayed while on the latter.
Many users of window PC grew depending on getting latest information through taskbar notifications and have so much used to it and have to get them no longer available.
Why do you need window 8 update notification?

Getting latest window 8 notification informing users when there are updates were not only a great job performed by window 8.In fact, without sound knowledge on how to find the window 8 notification you may not even realize you have window 8 updates notification. Since most window 8 users still utilize the desktop every day, and being able to see when there is window update notification is one of the best way to keep your window fully update.
How to use window update Notifier.

Step1. Download windows update notifier  to your system.

Step2. Installing windows update notifier doesn’t really necessary, just unzip the file from zip format and click on the EXE. File to start using.

Step3. Left click on the icon of the windows update notifier in the taskbar.

Step4. Then right click on the icon in the taskbar.

Step5. Click on settings in the windows update notifiers context menu.

Step6.Then change the setting to suit your demand and click on ok button

Step7.And when there are any available windows updates, a notification will show as in the form of previous window version.

Step8. Click on the notification to show update notification in the control panel.
Step9. And this last step will finally open the old version window update users are familiar with.
Conclusion: Window 8 is often updated frequently and missing out it update can cause a lot of instability in the system functionality. So it is highly advisable to know when there is latest update on window 8.

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