How to Maximize Your Digital Camera Battery.

A dead battery can ruin the most enjoyable moment when your camera is mostly needed and your battery is dead, in fact that can run an instant. Your camera battery cannot at all moment be ready on the go, one of this day it'll surely wear down but to avoid your battery life span from running down always is it maximized it to the fullest and made available always, there are some steps you can take to ensure your camera's battery doesn’t run down or wear before the actual moment of it assignment.
1. Turn off your camera review: Though you need to view or review the shot you've just taken but when possible, wait to peruse through the photo or your new snapshots until you finally get home or when you are through with the assignment of the day.
2: Recharge your battery fully:  Remember to charge your battery after use and make sure your battery is often fully charged before use to longing the life span of the battery and don't even wait until you have a mission of using your camera before charging, just make sure your battery is always charged and intact.

3: Watch the camera thermometer: Don't keep your battery in a cold place because when keeping in a cold place, it loses charges more quickly when not in use keep away from cold environment rather put in area with at least room temperature and always keep your battery at the right temperature if you're not within the room temperature.

4: Use lesser features: Avoid the using of all the features you are not making use often for instance: Continuous focus and light sensitive automatic shutter settings because less is more in the battery world.

5: Don't press your camera's button: Stop pressing the button of your camera because the motor that move the mechanical parts such as the lenses start draining the life out of your camera's battery when the button is been pressed and don't focus your camera until you are ready to take a shot.
With the point mentioned above, you'll be able to enjoy your camera's battery if followed.