How to Part DV (AVI) File Using Time Code?

Hey, welcome again to the solution centre where you learn new thing always, in this article I’ll share with you how to how to part DV (AVI) file using time code.Step1: Download and install SolveigMM AVI Trimmer on your computer.

Step2: Click to launch your SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV app icon on your computer .

Step3: Click on "SELECT FILE FOR EDIT" button .

Step4: In the selection dialog find and select AVI file which you want to split in fragments and click open to confirm the selection.

Step5:  Under this section, you've to be very clever
      i. The app will SCENES tab will open and if scene detection has not started automatically, click detect button of the scenes tab
  ii. If the scenes tab open automatically, swap to the next step else click "detect scenes" button and wait for a while until scene (TIMECODES) detecting process will complete.

Step6: Go to scenes tab. There are DV (datecodes) of the handling file indicates in "SCENES" list.

 Step7: It is not required for further but IF you wish to save information about DV timecodes in special "SDI" format, click "SAVE" button of scene detection dialog, else proceed to the next step.

Step8: In the next dialog, specify target file name with the extension "sdi" and confirm. And after that, the DV timecodes will be saved to the specified file an the dialog will close.

 Step9: Press and hold "SHIFT or CTRL key on your keyboard to highlight few items of scene at the same time.

 Step10: Click "ADD SELECTED" scenes tab button.

Step11: Click play selected button to preview selected files.

Step12:  Click save button on the right hand side window to save your file.

Step13: Choose file destination or where you want to save your file.

Step14: Click save button to start fragment extracting process and you are done.

 NOTE: To extract other scenes go to "SCENE" tab and repeat the process until all fragments will be handled.