How to Pin to the Windows 8 Start Screen

Window 8 has finally eliminated the traditional start menu by introducing a new concept to replacing it with the start screen. From the new start menu you can from there access your favourite apps and programs like previous version. Though window 8 does not give user a way to create or pin tiles on their own so user must find alternative way by using third party to do the pining of tiles. And what is that great application that is used in pinning tiles on window8? WinAero's pin to 8.
You might be asking whether it's useful to pin tile in window 8. Pinning your own tiles in Window 8 is the best way to access anything you can imagine. With the pin application you can pin as many as possible such folders, programs, libraries and other related special items to users.

Using WinAero's Pin is very easy to use; just follow the step below to learn how to pin on Window 8 using WinAero.
How to use pin to pin on Window 8.
Step1. First and foremost download pin to 8, no need of installing before using.

Step2.Launch pin to 8
Step3. Click pin a file.

Step4. Now select the file you want to pin to Window 8 start menu.
Step5. Select where to pin the file on where to pin option either pin to start screen or pin to taskbar
Step6.Click pins to folder on pin to 8
Step7.Choose the folder on your system you want to pin to either start menu or task bar.
Step8. Again choose pin to start screen (Depending on your option) and click ok.
And to pin more items to start menu repeat the same procedure.
Hope this tutorial is helpful?

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