How to Search Only Image in Google search Engine

Images are things of the mind that create interest if interest is totally lost. The organ of seeing (Eye) goeth before the mind captures any image. Meaning: image is as important as the content of Blog itself. There are social networking which images speaks for  your identify such pinterest and stumbleUpon. These two social value images so much because it is the thing of the mind.
There are necessities that warrant the use of images why blogging some of which are:
•    To attract the mind of the readers
•    To tell more about the content of the article
•    For easy understanding
•    To create interest
All the aforementioned points are only telling blogger or webmasters that the uses of image in a blogging on either blogger platforms such are blogger, wordpress, weblog etc. cannot be over emphasis
In this article we’ll share with you how to search for only image on Google search engine.
Step1. Open any browser e.g. Opera-mini, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.
Step2. On the search bar visit Google website i.e.
Step3. On the search bar on Google page type the name of the image you are searching for e.g. Mobile image and click search
Step5. Move your mouse pointer to where you see image just bel the Google search bar and click on it and wait for a while to load the next page.
Step6. All related images to your search query will be displayed and you are done with image searching.
If you know other  means to search image on search engine kindly share it on the comment post because your contribution contribute to blogger development.