How to Set Windows OS to Boot from CD or USB Automatically?

In my previous tutorial is published on how to boot form CD or USB on WINDOWS OS and how to boot from CD or USB on MAC OS .
But in todays’ tutorial, I'll share with you how to SET-UP BOOT FROM CD or USB AUTOMATICALLY ON WINDOWS.
You can set-up you Windows computer to always check for a bootable device e.g. USB or CD, meaning that when you have one of the drives inserted, it'll auto boot from it without at action by the user and when you don't it'll go straight into your operating system and start-up.
To successfully set-up your Windows to boot from drives automatically when inserted, follow the simple steps below.
1. Restart your computer.
2: After the start-up screen press "DEL" (on your KEYBOARD) and wait for Windows setup to begin.
3: A blue screen will pop-up which is often called the BIOS and carefully search for "BOOT DEVICE" or "BOOT ORDER" and select the option
4: From the followed pop-up menu choose computer drive and hit the ENTER key and if you want to automatically boot from USB choose USB-HDD and press enter.
5: Save your change and exit from your system BIOS menu.
6: After the above steps, your computer will reboot. Make sure your drives (either CD or USB) is in your computer and press any key to boot from CD or DVD if prompted, then you should have you computer booting from your inserted drive(CD or USB) instead of your computer normal operating system. And from there you can follow the on-screen instruction to perform your task.

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