How to Track Your Health on Android Phone

Android users can now track their health like iOS users. iOS users are no longer the only ones who can keep track on how many hours they sleep, take nap and stay awake as well. JAWBONE UP  is a fitness tracking wristband which was made compatible with Android smartphones.
Jawbone Up application features a built-in accelerator that do measure and report daily fitness activity, your movement throughout the whole day. Jawbone app allow user to track what they eat and how longer they sleep or how much they sleep.
With Jawbone app you can share your progress with friends on social
networking like Facebook, set an alert that vibrate the band when you have been sitting idly for a very long time. With Jawbone app, fitness Android users will have a choice when it comes to fitness gadgets using the new Android Jawbone app.

Download Jawbone app for Google store to your Android  .

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