How to Use Android's Pattern Lock Security in Window 8.

Pattern locking your Android can be a convenient way to help keep it secure, even if the phone should fall into the wrong hands. However, while a pattern lock is a whole lot more reliable than a face-based lock. Now, you can use the pattern lock security in your Window 8 as well with a third party app call Eusing Maze Lock. This is particularly useful on a touch-based tablet running Window 8.

Step1. Download and install "EUSING MAZE LOCK".

Step2: On the first run, you'll be prompted to reset to default pattern lock the click on ok buttonStep3: After pressing OK, you'll be redirected to the configuration window interface

Step3: Then click on RESET PATTERN to be able to create your own personal pattern then draw a pattern on the dot.

Step4: The software provides three different grids which you can draw your pattern from, ranging from the default to least secure

Step5: Select a suitable pattern from the drop down menu.

Step6: After creating your pattern, the software icon will sit in the icon system tray and be waiting for action and the action can be triggered by RIGHT CLICKING on the system icon tray or using window key function by pressing "WINDOW KEY + A" i.e. The window LOCK KEY in "WINDOW KEY + A" instead of the normal "WINDOW KEY + L".

This special software comes with a lot of configuration options which can be directly accessed by click the general tab.
Some of the configuration options include:
i. Auto-lock at Windows Start-up: Turned off by default. You can turn it on to load the security software at Windows Start-up.
ii. Auto-lock computer after – Specify the number of minutes of inactivity after which the computer is locked automatically.
iii. Turn off monitor after – Specify the number of minutes of inactivity after which the monitor is turned off.
There are only three options available under this section of Eusing maze lock.

i. Normal unlock mode: This will keep the tray invisible as you fill in the pattern.
ii. Secure unlock mode: This more secure and more helpful than NORMAL UNLOCK MODE as it help to secure your computer if you are entering your password in the presence of anybody in the start-up window
iii.Dynamic password mode: This work as the name implies because it helps to prevent key-loggers.
Conclusively, Eusing maze lock does not over-ride the manufacturer security of window 8, rather this software is only used as additional security on your computer.

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