Google smartphone

Nexus 4 is the new smartphone released by Google which is encompassed by cutting-edge hardware, Google favourite applications and an Android latest version, for now Nexus 4 from Google is the latest and best palm you could ever lay your hands on.
Nexus 4 from Google was fully made in partnership with LG and Nexus 4 is currently available in almost all over the world including Nigeria.
Below are some features of Nexus 4 that makes it a great one and in fact superb smartphone.
1.Google play: From Google play on Nexus 4 you can download thousands of application from over 700,000 titles application to choose from, find the most popular, the one that best suit you  and you can as well browse for categories.
2. Share with Android beam: With the Android beam on your Nexus 4 you can easily share photo, videos, contacts, applications and many more.

3. Easy import from iTunes: This is a music manager that enables you to easily import the entire iTunes library to your Google play and once is fully imported it becomes automatic available on your Nexus music library.

4.Search get smarter with Google Now : With Google now on latest Nexus 4 Google would be able to bring you the right information at the right time, this app show you how much traffic to be expecting before leaving for work. This Google Now app keep Nexus 4 users more organised, get remainder about upcoming event and lot more.

5:Google map: With Google map app you get to know where you are not familiar with within a blink of an eye, with turn by turn GPS navigation, traffic information, integrated driving, walking and public transit direction and lot more that you think you know about Google map app.

6. Up-to-date: Nexus 4 comes with Android latest version that will enable it user to get update directly from Google right on your Nexus 4 smartphone.

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