Ultimate Way to Join/Combine MP3 Files Together

There are some situations where it is necessary to join MP3 files to a single file. For instance, when you want to transfer multiple MP3 files to portable device, in this case transferring one larger file will be much faster than transferring hundreds of small files one after the other.
In merging multiple MP3 together, the work of SolveigMM Video Splitter cannot be over emphasis.
This article we teach you how to join multiple MP3 files together within a blink of an EYE for easy transfer from one device to another without audio quality degradation.

Step1: Download and install SolveigMM Video splitter on your computer.   

Step2: Launch the installed application and open "Show join manager" from "Join manager" via Tool. i.e. Tool-->Join manager--> Show join manager.

Step3: Click on add file into list by click add file to list button in the tool bar of join manager

Note: This file can be add either separately or as a folder to contain MP3 files.

Step4: The next window after selection shows as in the image below and click on the open button thereafter.

Step5: All selected files will be added into the file list in join manager with diverse information about your selected files such as file source, bit-rate, mode etc.

Step6: Name your MP3 files output by right click on your mouse and set output file name from the context menu.

Step7:  Enter the name of your output file in the appeared window and click save button
Step8: Click the button that looks like play button to start the joining process

Step9: You can hide the progress of joining by hitting the "HIDE" button in the progress.
Step10: After the joining of the whole MP3 files click YES to browser output or NO to avoid browsing for the file.
Step11: If you clicked YES as indicated above, then you'll be taken to the folder with joined file and the result file will be open and then you can transfer your file from there to your desirable device.

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