Codec Pack for Windows Media Player for Free

There are thousands if not millions of codec available today for audio and video file compression. There are many codecs that are suited for streaming or watching video via the internet,playing series of music on your MP3, codecs for speech is as well a valuable one even codecs for screen capture.

As earlier said that, there are many codec available which helps to decode and encode files for WMP (Window media player).

This article gives the list of "FIVE" best codecs player for your window media player.

1. Xvid Codec: Xvid codec is video encoded and decoding playback, codec designed to compare with the popular DivX codec.

Xvid codec supports video files such as VOB, FLV, PS, TS, NUV, DAT and also supports audio files such as S3M, MTM, MODE, OGG, VORBIS, IT, XM.

2. GSpot: This program let users see what codecs a video file is using and can as well tell user if the codec needed to play it.

GSPot features include the ability what both video and audio codecs are, they are requirement to play an AVI file extension and determine whether there codecs are installed on your system and isolate problems associated the all these codecs

3. Cinepak Codec: This was the previous version of QuickTime and Microsoft video for windows which was later superseded by Sorenson video, intel indeo, and the recent MPEG-4 including the H.264.

However, all files/videos compressed with cinepak are generally still playable i most media players.

4. Media Player Codec Pack: this is a simple to install package of codec/splitters/filters used mainly for playing back music and movies. This MPCP supported many video files such as

3GPP, OGM, MKV etc. and some of supported audio files by this MPCP are AC3, DTS, AAC, FLAC, APE etc.

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