How to Backup Whatsapp Chat History to Memory Card.

Whatsapp is a mobile messenger app which allow users to exchange instant messages without having to pay for SMS except for data bundle form their home network.

Whatsapp is available in almost all mobile version/brand such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Window phone and Nokia phones.

In addition, whatsapp users can create group, send group messages, send images and videos file format.

In this article, I write on how to backup whatsapp chat history to memory card.

Step1: Launch your mobile whatsapp application

Step2: Click option and select "SETTINGS".

 Step3: Select chat history in the "NEXT" menu.

Step4: Click on "BACKUP CHAT HISTORY" .

Step5: Select "YES" to start your whatsapp chat history backup to your phone memory card.

This trick work perfectly on my Nokia E5-00

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