How to covert and watch DVD movies on iPad 5

Most question skyrocketing everywhere is “how do I play or watch DVD movie(s) on iPad 5”, which has given a very great concern in the meantime and decided to take the burden upon my very self on how to watch or play movies on iPad 5 and some smartphones like iPhone.

Watching movies most especially DVD movies on our portable devices e.g. iPad mini and iPad 5 sometimes kills away boring era most especially when on a very long journey which one cannot afford to enjoy oneself.
In this sense, to however watch DVD movie(s) on iPad 5 there will need for conversion of the DVD movie to iPad 5 video format.

How do I convert DVD movie to iPad 5 video file format?

The above question is almost settled with Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate  but finally settled with this tutorial.

Step1: Launch the program on your PC.

Step2: Click "FILE" and click the "LOAD DVD" from the drop down menu or better still “DRAG" and "DROP" source DVD movies to the program.

Step3: Navigate to the "PROFILE" tab and select iPad 5 video format compatible as output file e.g. MP4 work accordingly on iPad 5

Step4: Click on "SETTINGS" tab to effect the output parameter such as video codec, video size, bit rate, frame rate and all the like.

Step5: Finally click on the  tab to start the DVD to iPad 5 video conversion processes and then transfer the file to your iPad 5 afterward via iTunes.

Good luck!

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