How to Play Blu-Ray Disc on PC using AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray is one of the new optical dis format jointly developed by BDA (Blu-ray Development Association), blue-ray refer to the blue laser used to read the disc which allows information to be stored in a greater density.

Now, how do you play blue-ray on PC? To be able to play blu-ray on PC you must possess Blu-ray drive such as internal/external blu-ray drive.

To play blu-ray Disc on PC AnyMP4 blu-ray is the best solution to playing blu-ray on PC

Step1:  Insert Blu-ray into Disc Blu-ray Disc drive.

Step2:  Launch the AnyMP4 program to open the main interface.

Step3:  Click "Open Disc" button to select blu-ray drive to load the blu-ray Disc to the program and it'll be played automatically by the program.

 Step4: In the left hand side of the main interface, click on "Control" column to choose your preferred title and chapter of blu-ray to watch and enjoy your blu-ray!

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