How to Play DivX on Mac OS

The QuickTime media player on Mac OS is a very good app but playing some unique codecs such as DivX is like a nightmare without interpretation.

To be able to play DivX on Mac OS, maybe a little bit stressful except the use of third party plugin like Perian which enable DivX support on QuickTime media Player on MAC OS and installing plugin on MAC OS is not an easy task but with all in one plugin  the task is very much

easy to accomplish.

Why maintaining audio-visual, DivX codec cannot be neglected as it compresses lengthy video segment into small size, though there are two types of DivX codecs, the normal or regular

MPEG-4 part 2 and the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC DivX with HD codec corresponding to the SD and HD DivX.

In this article, I'll write on " how to play DivX on MAC OS.

Step1:  Launch Aurora  Mac DivX Player on your MAC OS

 Step2:  Click on "OPEN FILE" at the top of the app and add your DivX movie (s) .

Step3:  Click video menu to add external subtitle to your video.

Step4: Click Audio to add DTS5.1 to your audio device if available and enjoy your DivX movie.