How to Play MXF Files on Mac OS.

MXF is the acronyms of Materials Exchange Format which serve as a container that supports a number of various streams of coded, which are encoded with any of the variety of codecs.

MXF File has a full timecode with metadata supports which enable standard stability for future professional video and as well audio app.
Playing MXF FILES on Mac OS with QuickTime Player often encounter a very difficult task in handling the MXF files: on Mac OS directly.

This article has been fully packed together to provide solution to inability of Mac OS to play MXF File (.MXF)

Step1: Launch the installed MXF File player on your Mac OS

Step2: Add your MXF file via "OPEN FILE".

Step3: Check your added MXF file via Window menu.

 Step4: Synchronize audio track via Windows menu and enjoy.

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