How to Play YouTube Video(s) on Motorola X-Phone

Do you own a Motorola X-Phone? What/which method is best to watch YouTube video (s) on it do you make use off? Or is there any alternative free way for you to watch YouTube video (s) on your Motorola X-Phone?

With this article, you will be enlightened on how to watch YouTube video (s) on your Motorola X-Phone with Leawo Free YouTube Downloader  

Step1: Download and install Leawo YouTube Downloader on your PC, copy the URL of the video (s) you want to download and paste it onto the browser search bar of the app and then clicks enter.

Step2: After, the app will search and display your target video, click on "PLAY" button and "SAVE AS" button would appear for you to save your video.

Step3: After, the app will display a "CONVERTING SETTINGS" panel where you will choose a video format that’s Motorola X-Phone compatible, like MP4

Step4:  To get the appropriate video output for your Motorola X-Phone, click on settings and configure as shown below.

Step5: Hit the "BIG CONVERT" button to start downloading and conversion and then transfer the conversion to your X-Phone via "USB CABLE" for enjoyment.

NOTE: It might take a "WHILE" before the app is been install.