How to Read Extracted iPhone Whatsapp Chat History on Computer.

In my previous post, I publish on how to backup Whatsapp chat history to phone Memory card and today I'll write on how to READ EXTRACTED iPHONE WHATSAPP CHAT HISTORY ON COMPUTER.
Step1: Download both Whatsapp Xtract  application and extract it to easily accessible folder and phyton application on your computer.

NOTE: Download 32bit/x86 instead of 64bit/64 of “PHYTON” else you'll have error message when to use it. 

Step2: Open the extracted folder and replace the file name "ChatStorage.Sqlite" with your own Whatsapp chat history that has been backed up with the name "ChatStorage.Sqlite".

Step3:  By now you must have installed the two applications, in the Whatsapp xtract folder, right click and run "!install pyCrypto.bat".

Step4: After that, right click and run "WhatsApp_xtract_iphone.bat".

Step5: If the steps above are followed strictly, your whatsapp chat history will be displayed in your computer default browser as shown below.

Ste6: Now, click on the contact name to direct you to the chat history.

Step7: And now, you'll have an "HTML" file in your whatsapp  xtract in case of future reference.


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