How to Recover Deleted or Lost iPhone Contact

What would you do when all your iPhone contact got deleted without a backup file? How do you feel when it happens without any alternative or means of getting those lost data back?

SQlite is an Apple backup device generated by iTunes. Once you synced your iPhone with iTunes, the backup file will be automatically generated on your computer and the backup file will be updated continuously as long as you connect your iPhone device to your computer.
And to recover iPhone contact ,SQLite need to be extracted first and to do that "iPhone data extractor" is needed.

Step1: Launch the software and a list of devices that are synced with your computer current copy of iTunes, and then highlight your device and then click "START SCAN" button.

Step2:  After the above step i.e. after you might have clicked the "START SCAN" button you will be able to view all media files thumbnail which are previously synced to iTunes from the device. And to preview iTunes backup file, select all file under category.

Step3: After successful selection of files you intend to recover, click on "RECOVER" button in the menu bar close to "BACK BUTTON".

And you are good to go!!!

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