How to Scan to PDF and Apply OCR

There is no more worrying about digging via the whole file cabinet even through the cabinet.
You just need to leave the hard copy format to PDF.

In this article, I write on how to scan PDF and apply OCR.

1. Open Acrobat reader, choose file and select PDF from scanner via create.
I.e. File---> Create---> PDF from scanner

2. Choose Text recognition from tool through view.
I.e. View--->Tools--->Text recognition

3. Then click on the file option in the text recognition that opens at the right hand side.

4. Acrobat reader will automatically apply OCR to the scanned document after designated desired page and "OK" is clicked.

5. In case of any misspelling, you can use OCR suspects’ tool to fix it.

Congratulations, then you are through with Scanning to PDF and Apply OCR:

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