How to Send Whatspp Chat History via Bluetooth/E-mail.

Whatsapp is chatting app which user’s uses for pinging inform of Blackberry ping for both PC and mobile phones ranging from Nokia, Blackberry, Android and iPhone etc.
In my previous post, I discussed on how to backup whatsapp chat history on phone memory card  and  How to Read Extracted iPhone Whatsapp Chat History on Computer and today I'll write on how to send your whatsapp chat history via e-mail or Bluetooth.
Step1: open whatsapp app on your mobile phone

Step2: Select option on the app opened interface and click on 'settings'.

Step3: Select chatting history in the next page.

Step4: Click on 'send chat history'.

Step5: Select the friend chat history you want to send either via e-mail or Bluetooth.

Step6: Click 'YES' after the above selection.

Step7: If you want to send your chat history via Bluetooth select Bluetooth otherwise select upload for e-mail option.

Step8: Select yes thereafter and select Bluetooth name you are sending the chat history to or search for new Bluetooth device (s) if not in your device Bluetooth. And you are good to go!!!

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