How to Update Nokia Asha, Belle and Symbian

Keeping your mobile device working at it best and always with the latest services and features makes it effective and efficient for users.

Updating your mobile devices encompasses the following great features

  i. New and improved function
  ii. Improve mobile performance like battery life and apps.
  iii. Latest versions of Nokia apps and services

What are the requirements for updating your Nokia mobile phone?
  i. Nokia suit software
 ii. Computer with working internet connection
 iii.USB Cable

On most mobile phone, you can as well use "WIRELESS" connection via the software update app on your mobile phone. Using wireless update, you don't need a computer or USB cable

NOTE: This tutorial work effectively on: Nokia Asha range and some Nokia s40 series, Nokia Belle range and Symbian phone (S60).

                                                 HOW CAN I UPDATE MY NOKIAA PHONE?

Updating your Nokia phone is very easy and it takes two ways to update your Nokia mobile devices and the two methods will be fully considered in this article.


Step1: Open your Nokia main menu

Step2:  Click on application or settings

Step3: Select Tools or Phone

Step4: Click on "SW Update or Phone Update to update your device.

After the above instruction, select the updates you want to install on your device and follow the instruction on your phone screen to update the ware.

NOTE: This method work for most phones.


Updating your Nokia devices with this method, Nokia PC suit will be required

Step1: Connect your Nokia device to your computer via USB cable

Step2: Launch your Nokia PC Suite / Nokia ovi suite and select Software update via TOOLS

Step3: Then select the available updates you want to download and install

This method need a very strong network connection for update e.g. Wi-Fi connection


Nokia device update availability may variably depend on things like phone model, region and mobile network service provider.

There are two ways to find out whether your Nokia devices is up-to-date

   i. Check for new app on your Nokia device using SW update
   ii. Nokia PC Suite notify you of latest update if it available whenever your device is connected to your computer via PC SUITE.


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