How to Use Whatsapp on PC

Whatsapp is a mobile messenger platform which allows user to send and receive messages without having to pay for the service except for the data bundle used during the connection.
As at the time of this of writing this article, whaatsapp app is majorly available on
 iPhone, Windows phones, Blackberry, Android and Nokia.

Using whatsapp on your PC is a little bit difficult but with this article, I'll unleash the strategies and steps required to make use of the application on your PC.
Before you can make use of this app on your PC, you need a third party app that will serve as an emulator to power the app on your PC.

Step1:  Download and install Bluestacks  

Step2:  Launch the installed app (BLUESTACKS)

Step3: Click the search icon on the right hand corner and "ENTER" whatsapp as "FIND" to search for  the app.

Step4: A list of found application will be displayed, then click on "INSTALL" whatsapp messenger and whatsapp will be automatically installed on your PC.

Step5: Start your whatsapp messenger via “Bluestacks” and enter your mobile phone number, then wait for your verification code.

Step6: Enter your verification code from whatsapp messenger.
Finally, once the verification process is complete then you are good to go with whatsapp on your PC.

NOTE:  If the verification code was not sent to you, use the "CALL ME OPTION" to receive your verification code via voice call from whatsapp messenger answering machine.

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