How to view 3D Flipping book on Mobile Devices (iPad, Android and iPhone)

Some of the devices that are widely used today are iPhone, Android, iPad etc. and with this, mobile internet becomes almost a must since how to let flipbook easy be access via mobile devices with internet connection such as iPhone, Android etc. which become important and very much necessary.
With the step by step below, you will be able to get flash page flipbook functioning on your devices such as Android, iPad or iPhone.

Step1: Run 3D professional and make your favourite magazine from flipbook program

Step2: Click on convert to 3D Book as shown in the image below after the design.

Step3: Select the "HTML" format in the next page because "HTML" support publishing flipbook online.

Step4: In the next pop-up window, define the path of the folder and "HTML" title and take into consideration "ALSO MAKE MOBILE VERSION" and click "CONVERT" thereafter.

Step5: Then youf created file output will be inform of an image as shown in the image below and finally upload the folder online so that people can see and view your created book on iPad, Android and iPhone devices online.

NOTE: Flipbook must be published online to make it accessible on mobile devices via the internet.

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