Ultimate Way of Converting MS-WORD to PDF Format

Microsoft word processing is an authoring program that enables users to create professional looking documents.
In this article, I'll write on how to "CONVERT MS WORDS TO PDF FILE” format.
Step1:  Launch your MS WORD application.

Step2: Open your MS WORD file, in document format such as .DOC document or .DOCX document via the main menu.

Step3: From the main menu click "FIEL" and then click on "PRINT".

Step4:  To print, select "VIRTUAL PDF PRINTER" to print your MS document in PDF format.

Step5: Click on "OK" button and a dialogue box will pop-up.

Step6: Enter your "FILE NAME" and select "PDF FILE" in save type drop down menu.

Step7: Then, the deed has been done, "CONGRATULATION" you've fully converted your MS WORD document to PDF file format.

NOTE: If in case you need to adjust your PDF generation option, go through the property button for adjustment.

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