4 Ultimate apps for rooted Android| Android app

The rate at which android is dominating the Mobile market now a day is going beyond what someone can just imagine, as almost everybody want to get in vogue and be part of the changing world in the mobile world.
If you are an android user and the device has not been rooted please don't read further but if you have fully rooted your Android, you really need to read this article to the very last full stop.
Before I write further, WHAT IS ROOT OR ROOTING all about?
Rooting is a process of making Android device performing more function than the manufacturer had implemented during the process of production. Rooting can as well be seen as that which is done to Android device to make it perform more ULTIMATE function that expected and to as well be able to work with diverse of apps.
Note that ROOTING of Android device is the same as JAIL BREAKING on Apple iPhone.
Do take note that their many Android app you cannot make use of if your device has not been rooted. That's is a digression though, now let go straight to the main purpose of this post (4 ULTIMATE ANDROID APP FOR ROOTED ANDROID)

1. Gemini App Manager: This app is used to manage various app on your device which includes any risk that is trying to attack your device such as app auto run, app firewall, task killer, uninstaller, backup apks to SD card etc.

This app is free though but it cannot be used on Android device that has not been rooted, so to enjoy this app you need to root your device.

2. System Tuner: System turner is free app but vital one, system turner allow user to access tweak which works like tweaking toolkit. With ST (system turner) you have the right to configure your device.

NOTE: Be careful when dealing with this app and make sure you read the "help" very well to avoid problem.

3. Titanium Backup: As the name implies, with this app you can backup and restore app on your Android. This app is very useful with many features most especially when you make do with the PRO version of this app.

This app allows you to schedule a backup and the backing up will effectively backup all data without closing the working app.

4. SetCPU: If you are not having "SetCPU" on your device, I think it is time you get it now because I can't afford not to have this app on my device.

The most exciting part of this app is that it makes your device to be faster, lock your device after custom setting with this app and as matter of verification, people with Samsung Galaxy S2, Google Nexus, Galaxy S have really testified to the usefulness of this app on Android device.

NOTE: Before you can make use of these apps, your device must have been rooted.

Conclusion: With all this apps on your Android, bet you will enjoy what it takes to root Android device.