Best Android voice recorder apps| Unbeatable four

Considering the changing in technology and the level of business every day, having a voice memo of an event really differentiate between info at hand and the one recorded.
Business professionals really need Android voice recorder and by so doing they must have search through Google play store and found so many apps for Android voice recorder but which one is the best for then?
Haven't seen and make use of countless Android apps here are best four app for Android voice recorder I personally recommend.

1. VoiceRecorder Pro: This is best voice recorder on Android most especially when you intend to time your recording, the app pro version of this app cost just $3.00 USD.
With this app, you can set the duration (Range) i.e. time to start recording and just wait for it to start the task itself.
This app might serve you a lot by helping you to keep some memory such as upcoming event, meeting period and all the like.

2. eRecorder (Voice memo recorder)  : Unlike the previous one, eRocorder is a free app works great, with no configuration you can still record memos, meetings, event and all the like.
If really one is looking for a better voice recorder, I believe this app will serve him/her better.

3. Voice PRO : What a Mac daddy recorder app and definitely, you gat to pay something for this great app. Voice PRO cost $12.96 USD. The app was majorly designed for recording music, and with the great feature that the app possesses you can add musical special effects, convert videos, effect tempos and many more to talk about. One great I love about this app is the ability to convert memo or voice recorder to Text.

4. Smart Voice Recorder : This app is a bit better than eRecorde which makes it a better choice for business tycoon. With this app you can test your mic and calibrate, configure samples rate and choose a location for your records unlike eRcorder.

Hope you’ll enjoy having this app on your Android device? Add yours in the comment box.

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