How to add and share video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an upcoming social network that is really competing with other social network media like Facebook and Twitter.
If you are blogger that really need to generate more traffic to your website or blog, then, the use of LinkedIn cannot be over emphasized as it play an important role in traffic generating.
Sharing video on LinkedIn can as well promote your activities in this social network as a means of reaching people around the world about the power of creativity in you and ability to produce video or power point presentation of what you are up to can serve as an added advantages for people to know more about you and what you offers in your blog or website.
What am saying in essence is that LinkedIn has as well become a social network where you can launch video, images, documents and power point presentation with the new LinkedIn professional portfolio
LinkedIn is a traditionally an heavy social networks with image dominating 70% of its activities like Pinterest and now a days, LinkedIn is gaining more ground due to the newly launched professional portfolio which provide users with the ability/privilege to upload file such as video, images, document, power point presentation and all the like which gives users the ability to launch their creativity into the social network for people to see all over the world.

The great feature of this professional portfolio that amazed me most was the ability for friends/users to like and make a comment your what you upload, be it image, document, power point presentation and all the like.

Though, this professional portfolio was only made available for "ANGLOPHONE" countries (English speaking countries), and following the procedure below you will be to upload your video successfully into LinkedIn because the tutorial is going to be practically oriented (Image basis).

Step1: Login to your LinkedIn account on your PC (preferable).

Step2: Click the "Profile tab" and hover your mouse to "Edit" from the drop down menu and then click the "UPLOAD" button in your profile button where you have the summary of your profile such as education, experience etc., and if you are uploading from a device or click on "LINK" to add the video link. 

Step3: If you decide to add video from your device or PC, a pre-filled form will be display for you to add relevant details such as description, title etc. and click save after providing the necessary information about the video and you are good to go.

NOTE: You can edit the video title and description if wrong description and title were entered in the first place.

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