How to convert FLV file to PSP Video

Play station portable (PSP) is a handy device for game which was design by Sony with console which everybody want to have or have in possession as a game lover.
Have you ever stream online FLV video format and have the thought of how possible it is to watch certain video on your PSP device?

Or How possible is it to watch FLV video on PSP? If you have ever stream online video you may want to have the video on your PSP device for offline enjoyment during ones leisure time.

The best way ever to watch FLV file format on PSP is via "FLV video converter" which make it much easier to watch FLV video on PSP device.

The details below provide step-by-step guide on how to watch FLV video on PSP device

Step1: Download and install the program on your PC

Step2: Select the video file to convert to PSP Video from FLV file format on your PC

Step3: Select PSP Video (H.264 MP4) from the video convert drop down menu as your conversion output.

Step4: Select video quality conversion from the video conversion quality drop down menu or better still select original to convert the quality of the original FLV to PSP Video via output.

Step5: Select conversion output location to save your file after conversion.

Step6: Click on the "CONVERT VIDEO" button very close to the right side of the bottom side to stat conversion and transfer the video to you PSP device for enjoyment at will via USB CABLE or all the like.

Good luck!!!

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