How to convert Image to PDF file on Windows

PDF (Portable document format) is  a file format used to represent document which encompasses a complete description of a certain fixed layout flat document which include text, fonts, graphics etc.

Haven't understand what PDF is, then how possible is it to convert image(s) of any form such as JPEG, PNG, GIF etc. to PDF file format on windows operating system?
With the guide below, you will be able to convert image of any format to PDF offline using "PDF CREATOR"   .

"PDF creator" is a free program for almost all windows to create PDF files, to convert image(s) to PDF etc.

Step1: Launch the installed program on your PC

Step2: Click on "Computer" on desktop or click on computer via the windows start button.

Step3: Click to open "Picture" on the left hand side of the windows menu and select the picture to be converted to PDF file format

NOTE: Press and hold CTRL key to highlight multiple picture for conversion at ones.

Step4: Right click on the picture and select "Create PDF and Bitmap files with PDF creator"

Step5: The select image(s) will be automatically opened by "PDF CREATOR" and then, you will be prompt to choose file save location and successful conversion and then you can now open the image in form of PDF format.

Good luck!

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