How to copy and backup stand blu-ray disc?

Backup is very essential in all aspect of life most especially on data that when lost cannot be recovered except for the initial backup before the incidence.

If you have Stand blu-ray disc and have an initial plan of giving it out or hiring someone then there is a need for backup to serve as a recovering tool if any damage is done to the disc.
To copy and backup your blu-ray disc, Leawo blu-raycopy can be the best tool to make use off since it provides a satisfactory solution to copying and backing up your disc.
The guide below provides you with the step by step procedure you need to copy and back up your blu-ray disc.
Step1: For the procedure to get commence, kindly download the software and install it on your PC and make sure you have at-least one blu-ray drive to insert your blu-ray disc.

Step2: Insert the stand blu-ray disc to the drive (BD) and run the installed software on your PC. Then click "SOURCE" and load the blu-ray disc from the BD rom.

Step3: Select "TARGET" to save the file output. And if you PC possess more than 1 BD, insert the other BD into the other BD drive and select it as your source target else back it up on your PC and then  then copy it to the last stand blu-ray content to blank BD disc.

Step4: Then are the selected target file output, set the copy mode from full movie, main movie and custom mode.

Step5: Finally, click on the "BIG START" button to start copying the stand blu-ray disc processed so far.