How to create Theme for 3D Page Flipping book

Despite the fact that there are many different styles of pre-inserted background templates, "3D Page flip" also gives/enables you to bring your own imagination to reality in the process of creating/building your own eBook with different styles of image background to beautify your eBook.

Step1: After successfully installation of 3D page Flip program on your PC, double click the program icon on your desktop to start the program.

Step2: Select theme template and click on "BACKGROUND CONFIG VIA FLASH DISPLAY SETTINGS" to choose "PURE COLOUR" style and the defined the background colour with a single click.

Step3: If by the virtue of choice you don't like the single pure colour, you can set your own colour gradient colour with different angle.

NOTE: For you to be able to make do with this, you must have chosen "GRADIENT COLOUR" from step 2.

Step4: To make the theme design more attractive, you can decide to add your own image as the background of the book.

NOTE: Image must have been chosen before "EDITING".

Good luck

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